Our Passion

We are an eclectic group of musicians with all sorts of musical backgrounds, including classical, jazz, funk, rock, grunge, and progressive rock.

We gravitate toward melodic grooves featuring vocal harmonies. We engage our audiences through the familiar and provide grooves that get people moving and singing along. Jody's House is all about making authentic music together!

Our Story

Just as the name implies, we jam at Jody's house. We started to post our little jam sessions online, and the name stuck. Of course, we couldn't refuse when we were asked to play live shows. We love it!



Meet the Band

Keeping things real, while providing an escape for our audiences is where we like to be.


Ashley Foreman & Josh McKenney

Vocals (Ashley) & Vocals/Guitar (Josh)

They're fantastic singers! Ashley sang in  top notch a capella vocal groups throughout college (think Pitch Perfect). Josh sings and plays guitar in the up and coming prog rock group, Synovial.


Jody Fields


Jody sings old school classics with the Stan Dard Jazz Project. She also rings hand bells at First Congregational Church in Crystal Lake. Through the years, Jody has become known to many as Jody Harmony!

Paul JH Drums

Paul Fields


A refreshingly tame drummer, Paul has played with many groups of various genres including rock, jazz, funk, country, and Latin. He gravitates to funk, and has had this particular group on his bucket list for years. The vocal & musical blends of Jody's House have him dancing on the kit.


Tom Vos

Strings, Vocals, & Percussion

Tom is an accomplished classical violinist and composer. He is currently director of Stratford String Ensembles and teaches various instruments privately. We love his perfect pitch and, well... just everything about him!


George Muligano


George is just amazing and always has been. There’s nothing he can’t do. Period.


Rob Farina


Rob comes from a eclectic (but definitely rock) musical background, having played in bands with Paul since high school (including Common Ground.) Currently, Rob plays with local rock groups Marquette & Hutch, The Hoodlums, and Jagged Little Pill. Rob is our Rock (pun intended)!


Bob Diss


Bob is a member of the American Guild of Organists and plays for the First Presbyterian Church in Woodstock. He also plays keys in all sorts of other contexts, including jazz, rock, and blues. If you can imagine a genre, Bob can play it. He can't keep himself from going all in when the groove is right!

Marty- for web

Marty Magnini


Marty Magnini has played woodwind and keyboard instruments all over the country.  He has played with the Chicago Civic Orchestra, the Lyric Opera and the Chicago Symphony Orchestras.  Marty has also performed with a variety of Jazz, Rock and Show bands. He has spent a good deal of years as the Director of Bands at Cary-Grove High School, directing the band, the jazz band, and the marching band.

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